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The ambience of a woodburner on a cold winter's day is a feeling that even films struggle to depict. There is something different about the heat that comes from a real fire and only those who have experienced it will be able to understand that feeling.

As a result of the cost-of-living crisis, there has been a real spike in the demand for wood burning stoves and we are gradually seeing them become more common as the predominant source of heating in people’s homes. There are other reasons for the increase in popularity, among them their advantages over open fires, the renewable aspect of wood, as well as creating a warm and toasty atmosphere in the family room.

Here are seven reasons why you should invest in an indoor woodburner for your home.

1. Woodburners Save Money

Woodburners have in many homes been used as a secondary form of heating, running alongside the radiators as an extra boost.

Recently, however, many people have returned to the old ways of heating their homes – using the woodburner to heat up the main room and then gather in there as a family as opposed to using the whole house. Some have found this to be an efficient way on reducing the winter heating bills, since woodburning has become the cheapest form of domestic heating. The recent SIA research has shown that firewood is now 74% lower per kWh than electricity and 21% less than gas heating. 

We discuss this topic in further detail in our wood stove vs central heating blog. 

 benefits of indoor woodburning stoves

2. Woodburners are much for eco-friendly now

The way we use firewood for heating has changed considerably over the years. Whilst watching those flames in an open fire might be a wonderful pastime, it’s not the most eco-friendly and it also releases more particulate matter. With the introduction of woodburners, the emissions dramatically reduces, and in the last decade, the stove industry has made some significant advances in both the efficiency and cleanliness of their woodburning stoves.

As of January 1st 2022, it is now law for manufacturers to only make stoves that are approved under Ecodesign standards. These new stoves emit 90% fewer particulates than an open fire and up to 80% less than a much older, very basic stove model meaning that by buying or switching to an Ecodesign-ready stove, you'll be contributing to the reduction of wood smoke pollution. Read more about the emissions of woodburning stoves. 

3. More Effective than Open Fires

Woodburning stoves are a lot more effective and efficient compared to open fires. Eco-design stoves have an efficiency level of 80%, which means not much heat is lost at all- only 20% being lost through the chimney.

Open fires can lose up to 80% of their heat through the chimney, which makes them inefficient for heating homes.

woodburning stoves are more effective than open fires

4. Create a Cosy Atmosphere

Anyone who already owns and uses their woodburner will tell you there's nothing cosier than curling up on the sofa with your favourite blanket whilst the woodburner is lit. Wood-burning stoves can be an attractive centrepiece for your room and can provide a focal point for when you are hosting friends and family. 

5. Fuel Security

The recent astronomical price hikes of electricity and gas have left many feeling out of control of their heating costs and unfortunately, this has meant that many have struggled to make ends meet. Whilst the firewood industry has also experienced price hikes prompted by the war in Ukraine and the consequential inflation, the cost has still remained lower than gas and electricity with most suppliers.

On top of that, if well prepared and stocked up for the winter, power cuts would not pose a threat to your staying warm. Firewood can be bought in bulk and stored away in the warmer months, until you're ready to light the burner, giving you more control over your supply. Also, quite often, firewood suppliers will offer price drops during the summer months so make sure to stock up at the best price.

woodburners give you fuel security

6. Property Value Increases

Purchasing a woodburner is a long-term investment. Even if you're not one to stay in a place for long periods, installing a woodburner is a potential investment which could increase the value of your house but also make it more appealing to potential buyers. More house buyers are looking for that cosy cottage aesthetics, so properties with wood burners are increasing in demand.

7. Well Being Benefits

We discuss this topic further in our recent blog, but did you know there are multiple well-being benefits of wood burners? Some include lowering blood pressure, calming the mind down and enhancing your mood. What better way to beat the winter blues!  

 seven reasons why you should get a woodburner in 2023



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