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Are New Year resolutions your thing? Have you given anything up or changed the way you do things?


January is a month when many of us plan to better ourselves, but many are conscious of the work we have to do in the coming years to re-engage with our environment. Some are choosing to reduce their plastic usage or just shop locally.


We have written about our commitments to the planet before, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't again. It is a topic worth repeating over and over again.
So why not make your resolution this year to shop with sustainability in mind? Choose companies that care about their impact on the planet. 


We haven't made our operations fully carbon neutral, but we are doing all we can to reduce our emissions.  We have reduced or removed plastic where possible, increased the amount of solar panels to use even more renewable energy, as well as planted more trees for future generations.


We will continue to work on it as quickly as we can. Will you join us?


Plastic Free Products


Logs in boxes - Firekits Kiln Dried Kindling Flamers Natural Firelighters

To combat the rising plastic pollution crisis, we have created a product that perfectly marries sustainability and convenience.

Our Firekits have everything you need to start your perfect fire, including kiln dried logs and 3 KindleFlamers, and on top of that, all the packaging materials (with exception of the elastic band, which holds the KindleFlamers together) are recyclable. 

Our boxes are made of cardboard, but to ensure the product is kept dry, particularly with our retailers often displaying them outside, we used to wrap the box in plastic to make it nearly waterproof.

We  designed a new box with a lid that closes over the box to avoid water ingress, but the material is coated to provide an element of resistance. We no longer use plastic. This saves approx. 3 tonne of plastic per annum.

Our Flamers used to have a plastic window on the smaller packs to show off the product inside. We wanted to remove the plastic, so we replaced the material the window is made out of to corn starch.

In our new KindleFlamer pack we decided to avoid the clear window all together and opted for a pack that can easily be opened on the top to display to customers who can now even have a feel and a smell of our lovely Flamers. 

 Kiln dried logs in boxes - firekits


Premium Kiln Dried Kindling


Flamers Natural Firelighters Collection


Improving Production

Some of the changes we've made include converting our kilns to run on wood waste and generating electricity through solar panels. Being as sustainable as possible is at the heart of what we do here at Certainly Wood. Watch the video find out more. 


What Can You Do?

Caring for our planet is something that we all have a responsibility to do and there are several things that you can do when shopping with us to do your bit:

 Order kiln dried logs in bulk

1. Order In Bulk

By ordering in bulk, you can help us reduce the number of deliveries we make, meaning less CO2 emissions. So if you have the storage, why not consider one of our larger pallet options, or try out one of our bulk bags instead?


 Recycle your bulk bag

2. Recycle Your Bulk Bag

Our bulk bags are made from a new & improved material, that is not only 100% recyclable, but you can also return your used bag to us so we can keep on using them for future deliveries by using our free returns service! 


 Plant a tree

3. Plant A Tree 

Tree planting has always been one of our passions, and we are committed to only using 100% British hardwood thinnings from sustainably managed sites for firewood. Why not help us plant even more and add a Plant a Tree to your basket at checkout? 


  • You say your wood is British Hardwood. But what wood is it? Which trees does it come from?

    Martin Plaut on

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