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I had a really good start to my week today. George and I have just been to the local primary school in Madley to present our new 'Certainly Sustainable' video to the children.

In a way, we like to sponsor Madley school and help out as much as possible and we like to work together when we can. Last year we bought a new weather station for the school so that they can pay more attention to recording the weather.

Earlier this summer we made three new videos about our business and this one was all about Sustainability and how we work as hard as possible not only to make sure everything we do is sustainable but also that we help to minimise CO2 emissions, hence the use of wood fired kilns and solar panels.

However, most importantly we wanted some of the Madley School children to help in the making of this video and so they joined us for a couple of hours to make the video and they were absolute stars. We loved having them with us and they were an absolute credit to the headmaster and teachers of the school. They behaved impeccably and it really did focus our minds of how best to get across so many of the simple messages about how we make our firewood and how important it is to manage our woodland properly. It is something we are so passionate about, but its important we communicate this message to others.

So this morning we joined the children's assembly with nearly 200 children all lined up neatly in rows and a I talked a little about what we do and then showed the video. We then had nearly ten minutes of questions about firewood and some very searching ones too. Finally, we presented each of our film stars a certificate. As quiet as mice they sat down and waited. The deputy headmistress Mrs Lee introduced us and explained about the importance of this month's theme - Sustainability and Hope. The children gave lots of lovely answers to their understanding of sustainability and they were pretty much on the ball.

What a fabulous start to the week and a huge thank you to all the staff and children who are actually all stars!


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