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The way you store your kiln dried logs is a lot more important than you may think, and if you have a wood-burning appliance, it's crucial you store your firewood correctly to ensure you receive the best output from your wood burner. But why is it so important?

Failure to store your firewood correctly can result in a host of issues, ranging from wet wood, mouldy logs and even bug infestations. For a clean and efficient burn, logs should have a moisture content below 20%, as per the Ready to Burn scheme, so it is imperative to keep your firewood as clean and dry as possible. In this blog, we will discuss the best ways to store your logs and share all our tips & tricks regarding firewood storage.

log store to store kiln dried logs

What's the best way to store firewood?

If space permits, the ideal place to store your kiln dried logs, to keep them at their best for longer, is in a purpose-built log store. Fundamentally, logs should be stored off the ground, in a well-ventilated area and covered; this is why purpose-built log stores are the perfect environment for your logs as all of the above are considered. Your log store should be strategically located with access to sunlight, good airflow and easy access for delivery vehicles, and, more importantly, a short distance from the house (to save the long trips in the winter!)

If you haven’t currently got a log store, you might want to consider this one.

"I liked it so much that I bought another... I've already had one of these, very happy with it and will join the two together once I've stained the new one to match..." - Peter Windatt

What is the best way to store firewood outside?

As mentioned above, a log store is the perfect place. We recommend that the bulk bags be decanted and stored in a log store, as even though our bags are perforated, there is not enough ventilation for air to get in properly, but water can ingress easily.

If you do not have a log store, a pallet (on which our logs are delivered) provides a perfect base to stack logs, allowing for good airflow from underneath. Cover your logs with some sort of tarp to protect them from the elements; however, do consider that if logs are covered with no airflow, your firewood could sweat and lead to mould growth. 

Can I store logs in my garage?

If you buy your logs from a Ready to Burn approved supplier, your firewood should already be dried to below 20% moisture content. You should, therefore, be able to store your firewood in your garage as long as it's kept off the ground with decent airflow. 

How to store firewood inside?

A covered area like a garage or a basement may be easier to store logs from a convenience perspective; however, you will still need to follow the guidelines above to ensure the logs are stored correctly. The issue with these particular environments is the high humidity rates, so to combat this, ensure that your logs are off the ground and there is access to airflow. 

Honourable Mentions - Wood Stacks

If you want to unleash your inner creativity, why not look at the below for some inspiration? Some people go to extraordinary lengths to produce structures more like works of art than practical log piles.

Creative log store
📷Ted Newman
Creative log stack

📷Gary Tallman

Log stack ideas

📷 Alastair Heseltine

interesting wood stack


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