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Today we took full advantage of this lush, warm weather we are having here in Herefordshire and ventured out of the office and took a trip to the near village of Eardisley. There, we had the opportunity to visit the Great Oak of Eardisley. Visited regularly by our MD George, this particular tree has stood the testimony of time and has stood proud in the village of Eardisley for approximately 900 years. When we pulled up in the near lay by, we were truly astonished by the sheer size and stature of this tree, this was even before we knowing the rich history this tree had to offer. Read on to find out more.

What does it look like?

The tree stands proud with a height of 11.8m to the top of the highest bough or 14m to the highest shoot and a girth of 937cm. The tree is adjacent to what is known as Great Oak Lane, which leads to the small settlement of Lower Welson. The most identifiable feature of this completely hollow tree is the large entrance into the interior on the eastern side, this being wide and tall enough to easily walk through. This tree is believed by experts to be 800-900 years old and as such, there are some visible cavities and old wounds found on the tree, as pictured below, not too bad for an aging tree I'd say!

the great oak eardisly the great oak eardisleyoak tree herefordshire


Did you know?
It is rumored that a forest in the surrounding area was actually mentioned in the Domesday Book, and this may be it's last surviving tree.
the great oak eardisley


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