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We probably all know what sustainability means, but lets just look at how its defined:

"The concept of sustainability centres around the balance between the environment, society and the economy to maintain current and future health"

Or simply, it is the "ability to sustain" or put another way "the capacity to endure"

Are we really on the right track when apparently nearly one sixth of the world's population goes to bed hungry each day?

Everyone has a responsibility to contribute to sustainability, but the problem today is there are so many easy and convenient ways to heat our homes or offices. We perhaps forget the past when all we had to keep us warm was a fire and the only fuel was wood. The only way we could cook food was on a wood fire, no luxuries like electric or gas, and spare a thought for those nations that still rely on these basics for their sustainable living, but for them they have no choice.

Woodland is truly sustainable in that it ticks all the boxes when it comes to the concept of sustainability mentioned above.

The woodland provides a wonderful environment of flora and fauna for us all to enjoy. Society can appreciate it, walk through it and have fun and managed properly it provides an economic return. It can make our homes and furniture and most importantly it can provide us with a truly sustainable source of heating.

Whilst the traditional log fire is perhaps the most obvious, homes, offices and buildings are now being heated with much larger boilers using woodchip or wood pellets. Wood fired cookers are now back in fashion, so perhaps we are now thinking more about sustainability. Yes, it can be a bit more work to bring those logs into the house and keep putting more onto the fire, but its also getting pretty automated. A wood pellet boiler fed automatically from a store is about as close to oil as you will get.

Should we continue to evolve our lives around total convenience, speed and the flick of a switch or should we just give a little more thought and time to the importance and pleasures of sustainable wood fuel heating?


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