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There’s nothing as magical as sitting around a campfire and being mesmerised by the dancing flames. The warmth of the fire and the affinity with nature seems has a soporific effect that seems to melt away any worldly cares or concerns.

Here at Certainly Wood, we first heard about fire clubs when we were at an exhibition in 2014. A man approached us about Flamers, our natural firelighters, saying they’d be perfect for his fire club. We asked him to tell us a little more and he explained that he got together with a group of old friends a couple of times a month. Instead of heading for the pub, they lit a fire in one of their gardens and sat around chatting, eating and drinking. He said they could always guarantee a good time.

We thought this was such a great idea that we started on ourselves for everyone at Certainly Wood and people who work with us. We had such a fantastic evening, we thought we’d share the idea with everyone.

A fire club provides the perfect excuse to get outdoors more often – whatever the weather. Why wait until the summer months to enjoy all the benefits relaxing by a fire can bring.

Whether it’s a change of venue for your book club, a way to get to know your neighbours better or a different location to meet up with friends, why not set up your own fire club. A fire club is anything you want it to be.


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