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So, who is this new mystery person that has recently appeared on the scene?

Well, I am Freddie Flamer and I am simply the world's best natural firelighter and I, and my fellow Flamers are all made in Herefordshire, on a lovely farm near the Welsh borders. We are made in a smart new building which believe it or not used to be a cattle shed where one of my bosses, George and his father Hugh, used to store 80 cattle for the Winter months. George was telling me the other day how the previous cattle barn on the same site was an old dutch barn which actually he remembers collapsed on top of the cattle in very heavy snow - back in the late 70s I believe! You will be pleased to hear that none of the cows were hurt!

The large room where I am made is surrounded by lots of other farm buildings and machinery. Very little to do with farming though as the majority of the area is now for firewood and kindling production and I am actually being produced alongside the largest specialist firewood producer in the UK, producing over 20,000 tonnes of British kiln dried firewood -  pretty exciting really and there is so much going on every day - a very busy yard. Oh, and there is the occasional tractor going past my front door on its way down to the farm where they grow blackcurrants for Ribena and cider apples for Bulmers cider. Its a pretty happening place really!

Its a little bit of a secret as to how I am made, but basically I am made from lovely natural wood. I think they make wood rope first, then I get dipped in a secret ingredient of hot wax. Not my favourite bit, but at least it keeps the hairs off my legs!! I am then cut into neat little pieces and hand packed into lovely boxes and what I really like is the fact that I have a nice window to look out of, so, wherever I go I can show people what I am like and how lovely and natural I am - in actual fact most people do say that I am 'Flaming Brilliant' and a 'Flaming Natural' - quite a compliment I feel!


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