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The Natural Energy Resource

Consumers are increasingly turning to sustainable firewood in the search for environmentally friendly renewable energy resources. Certainly Wood provides premier kiln dried logs, kindling and log stores. The benefits of kiln dried wood are considerable:

  • Generates greater heat output
  • Better fuel efficiency
  • More economical
  • Minimum stove and flue problems

Types of Wood

Hardwood Vs Softwood

Certainly Wood logs are all made using hardwood sourced from local sustainable British woodland. Trees are cut as part of the natural thinning process to generate more light and a better environment for the remaining trees.

Wood Seasoning

Freshly harvested wood contains a naturally high amount of water, between 65-90% depending on the species. Removing the water is known as seasoning. This term suggests a period of time, for drying out logs and for natural air drying up to two years is recommended.

Whilst we do supply ‘seasoned’ logs, they will vary in moisture content. For immediate burning in stoves we only recommend our premium kiln dried logs because they are of a consistent high quality having been dried in kilns which run on our own wood waste.

Energy Efficiency

When buying wood, consider the cost per kilowatt of energy. Using local suppliers may seem more convenient, but much of the firewood currently available is damp and difficult to burn.

Less moisture = more heat output

Less moisture more heat output

Whilst open fires have a strong attraction, they are extremely inefficient compared to wood burning stoves and even these will vary considerably.

Efficient methods of burning wood

Efficient methods of burning

The more efficient a fire burns the less fuel is required.

Number of logs required to produce an equivalent heat output

Logs required for stove heat output

Additionally the higher water content will prevent the gasses in the wood from igniting allowing them to escape - unused, up to 50% potential heat wasted!

Stove Efficiency

The extra logs required (possibly more than three times as many) to produce the equivalent heat output, are a considerable waste of money, labour, transport and storage.

Recognise this? Just look around your area and see how many chimneys are smoking. Now you know why.

Stove types and efficiency 

Stove efficiency

Wood differs from other fossil fuels such as coal, gas and oil because it is part of the carbon/carbon neutral cycle. Although the fuels produce CO2, trees absorb CO2 and store it as carbon which makes up half the weight of the tree.

When the wood is burned it releases only the same amount back into the atmosphere, exactly the same as if the tree was left to rot.

Storing Wood 

Large log store with weathershield

For perfect drying conditions and to dry firewood fast, the logs should be stored in a dry airy store, allowing plenty of air flow around the logs. Our Certainly Wood Log Stores provide the perfect solution.

For further information please contact your stove supplier. All orders to be placed through your nearest Certainly Wood stockist. Visit our website


  • Hi, just found your web site as I was looking for framers firelighters, also interested in logs, please could you advise what type of wood your kiln dried logs are.
    Many thanks
    Rgds Mel

    Mel DOwsett on
  • Please can you explain the your kiln drying process.

    Mary Ann Scadding on

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