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Certainly Wood’s annual Open Day was held on Friday 2nd July at their base in Herefordshire. Once again it attracted over 30 retailers and manufacturers who were keen to learn more about premium kiln dried firewood.

The day began at The Mynde estate, by kind permission of Mr. A. Twiston-Davies to look at woodland thinning and mechanical harvesting of firewood. Certainly Wood’s chairman, George Snell talked through the operation with Graham Taylor from Pryor & Ricketts who supply a large proportion of Certainly Wood’s raw material. Graham explained the importance of the thinning operation to ensure good forestry management and to maintain a good balance of woodland, flora and fauna. He also explained the value to his business and local landowners of having such a good local outlet for their wood.

After a rather wonderful lunch of local fayre, visitors were shown the large processing operation near Madley, Hereford where over 14,000 tonnes of firewood are processed, kiln dried, packed and distributed throughout the UK via a network of retailers and locally throughout Herefordshire using their own delivery lorry.

Certainly Wood is the now the largest firewood producer in the UK specialising in premier kiln dried firewood, kindling and wood related products. It recently became the first firewood producer in the UK to become approved under the new Hetas Solid Biomass Assurance Scheme having pioneered kiln drying over five years ago.

1.    Graham Taylor discussing woodland thinning with Stuart Robert’s  mechanical harvester.
2.    George Snell showing the large firewood processor.

For further information contact:

Nic Snell
Managing Director
Tel: 01981 251796


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