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Certainly Wood, now the largest specialist supplier of kiln dried firewood had a busy morning providing live broadcasts for BBC Breakfast with reporter Maryam Moshiri.

'We were contacted late last week regarding a feature on wood burning and how more and more people are turning to wood' said Marketing Director Nic Snell who went on to say 'We were delighted to be able to support the feature and welcomed the team on site in the early hours ready for a 6.00 a.m start'. There were four short features during the morning show with the final one being shown on BBC News 24 and then again on the midday news. The feature also included a representative from the Carbon Trust Kieran Allen who keenly supported wood burning and promoted the environmental benefits of using wood. In the short time available Nic highlighted the fact that the business had seen a significant increase in sales over the last 12 months and was bullish about future demand. He cited a number of reasons for the increase in the large number of wood burning stoves being sold. Energy costs continue to rise, fuel security becomes more of an issue and wood not only provides a cost effective alternative to home heating, but most importantly is a truly renewable and sustainable resource and gives homeowners the opportunity to reduce CO2 emissions in their homes. Finally he said that wood burning stoves are now more efficient than ever, but stressed the importance of using kiln dried wood which provides maximum heat output and a clean burn, this in turn prevents sooting of the stove glass and ultimately tarring the chimney or flue.

Clip One - Breakfast Television

Clip Two

Clip Three

Editors Notes:
1. Certainly Wood was formed 3 years ago by brothers George and Nic Snell and will this year produce over
8,000 tonnes of firewood and kindling being sold throughout the UK through a network of over 300 retailers.
2. The company specialises in premium quality kiln dried firewood and also sells a number of other woodfuel products including heat logs, wood pellets, natural firelighters and log stores.


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