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Heat Logs

Heat Logs
  • Available in full or half pallets
  • Consistent, reliable burn
  • Average moisture content of 10%
  • Made from re-cycled sawdust

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These logs will perform in a similar way to kiln dried logs, but the beauty of heat logs is that they are all identical –homogenous logs that will not vary from one to another. These are particularly suited to the occasional user and very good for an overnight burn in stoves. For this size of pallet we would recommend 6 boxes of kindling and 2 boxes of 1 Flamers.


Origin: British
Pack Size: Approx 10 k (6 logs per box)
Log length: 22cm (8 ¾”) Tolerance on length is +/- 10%
Log Diameter: 9.5cm (3.5”).
Moisture content: <10%


Caution! These logs do expand so it is recommended they are broken in two before placing on the fire. Particular care is needed when burning heat logs on an open fire. Never leave your fire unattended

They will also expand if they get damp so dry storage is critical

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Origin British
Log Length 22cm (8 ¾”) Tolerance on length is +/- 10%
Log Diameter 9.5cm (3.5”)
Moisture Content <10%


Feefo Reviews

Average 95% from 11590 reviews

Kiln Dried Firewood Logs 20-Jan-2019

Great consistent product.

Flamers (50 pack) 20-Jan-2019

Very quick delivery will order again

B/B Kiln Dried Small 25cm chunky 20-Jan-2019

Not so keen on the chunky wood as all different shapes and sizes. difficult to stack.Will order the normal dried logs 25cm again as I have done in the past.

Bulk Bag Kiln Dried Large 25cm 19-Jan-2019

Ccccccccc vvcvvvvvtyy. Bbbnnjnbh

Kiln dried 0.8m3 bulk bag 25 cm 19-Jan-2019

Burns really well! good log sizes.

Bulk Bag Kiln Dried Small 25cm 19-Jan-2019

Kiln dried hard wood, almost no water content. Buy cheap, buy twice. Same goes for wood. We only need about 1 log an hour to keep our 5kw burner pumping out heat. Quite expensive, but, it burns hotter and slower so you need less. Also, burning cheap, wet wood is bad for the environment. We store all...

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