About Your Firekit

Our Firekits have everything you need to start your fire. Containing our premium kiln dried logs as well as our KindleFlamers so you'll be sat in front of a roaring fire in no time at all. Delivered in plastic-free packaging by DPD, these are perfect for last-minute top-ups or properties that have more difficult access.


Lighting Your Fire

We always recommend using the top-down method for lighting your fire, it's the easiest method to light your fire and will get it going with minimal effort in no time at all! 

  1. Place 2 small kiln dried logs next to each other on the grate
  2. Place a single KindleFlamer along the ridge between the logs
  3. Lay 1 small kiln dried log diagonally across the stack
  4. Light the KindleFlamer
  5. Sit back, relax and enjoy the warmth 

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