Introducing the KindleFlamer

Our NEW revolutionary firelighter. The KindleFlamer is the ultimate firelighter made from natural wood shavings & then dipped in a fully refined paraffin wax like our Flamers. This 17cm long firelighter is perfect for all log fires & charcoal BBQs. You only need ONE KindleFlamer & no kindling is required. They are easy to light, natural, odourless & have an extra long burn time. 

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KindleFlamers for log fires

If you're using your KindleFlamers in your wood burner, or for your firepits, we recommend using the top down method for quick and easy firelighting. 

  1. Take 2 kiln dried logs and lay them next to each other
  2. Place 1 KindleFlamer between the ridge of the two logs
  3. Place a small log diagonally across them
  4. Light the KindleFlamer 
  5. Add more logs when required 


KindleFlamers For Charcoal BBQs

Our KindleFlamers are also excellent for lighting charcoal BBQs as they are chemical-free and odourless there is no taint to your food. We would recommend the following method: 

  1. Create a bed of charcoal and place one KindleFlamer into the bed
  2. Light the KindleFlamer
  3. Add more charcoal as required



Tell us what you think of our new KindleFlamers

As this is brand new and unique product, we would love to have your feedback.

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If you're using KindleFlamers for you charcoal BBQs click HERE