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  • Made in Britain out of wood wool and then dipped into wax to provide a longer and easier burn
  •  Only one needed to light the fire
  • Made from natural wood wool with natural, renewable, untreated wood shavings
  • Multi purpose: used for starting fires in woodburners, barbeques, stoves, campfires, pizza ovens and firepits
  • Great for camping enthusiasts: they are light to carry, natural, and will light even when wet. If feeling adventurous, these multi-purpose firelighters can easily be lit with a flint and steel too

This product has an estimated lead time of 3-5 working days.

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Firelighters contain natural wood shavings and fully refined paraffin wax and are available in boxes of 24, 50 or 200. These are loved by all because they are natural, odourless, easy to light and have a long burn.

Flamers are best ordered with your bulk order of firewood as the boxes are then delivered FREE.

Box Size Price
50 Natural Firelighters £5.15
24 Natural Firelighters £3.10
200 Natural Firelighters £17.50


Box of 24 Natural Firelighters
Estimated Lead Time
 1-3 working days

Box of 50 Natural Firelighters
Estimated Lead Time  1-3 working days


Box of 200 Natural Firelighters
Estimated Lead Time
 1-3 working days

Boxes are added to the top of pallets and delivery is free if ordered with your bulk orders* of firewood, but there will be a small delivery charge if ordered on their own and delivery will then be via DPD. 

*Bulk orders are orders delivered on pallets i.e. all firewood orders excluding boxes of logs which are delivered via DPD. 

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We are just so excited to have finally started making our own Flamers and whilst we still have a lot to learn, all is going well so far. Until now these have been packed for us, but now we have an...

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Who's Freddie Flamer?

So, who is this new mystery person that has recently appeared on the scene? Well, I am Freddie Flamer and I am simply the world's best natural firelighter and I, and my fellow Flamers are all made...

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