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Trying to purchase logs for your woodburner or open fire can be a minefield and there are several considerations which will affect your choice. The most commonly forgotten factor when purchasing firewood is delivery dynamics. So, to help, we've put a guide together to give you a better insight into what you can expect from a delivery standpoint when you buy from us. 

Bulk Deliveries of Kiln Dried Logs

Whether you choose to purchase your firewood in loose-filled bulk bags or pallets of small bags, the delivery is quick, simple and in the vast majority of cases, absolutely free. No matter which way you choose to purchase your firewood, you can always expect 100% British kiln dried hardwoods below the 20% moisture content as per Woodsure's Ready to Burn Scheme. All bulk deliveries are delivered via Palletline and will arrive on the day you select at checkout. Here are some things you will need to consider:

  • kiln dried hardwood logs in bulk bagsDeliveries are all-day bookings so can be made between 8am and 6 pm. We always encourage our customers to be there at the point of delivery just in case the driver needs instructions. 
  • Deliveries are kerbside: the pallet will be taken off the lorry with a tail lift and then manoeuvred with a manual pump truck. This manual pump truck cannot and will not operate over gravel drives, slopes or uneven grounds. This means the driver may need to leave the pallet just on the edge of the property (kerbside), where it is safe to do so. 
  • Surcharges - Even though you can select a specific day of delivery at checkout, some people may need a more narrowed delivery slot. We do have AM/PM deliveries available if needs be, but these do come at an extra charge. See terms and conditions for more details.
  • Lead time - we like to keep our lead time at around a week, however during the busy season lead times may extend. Keep up to date with lead times by subscribing to the newsletter. 
  • ETAs: ETAs should be made available by Palletline throughout the day of delivery, however, the office is open 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday and can be of assistance.



Kiln Dried Logs in Smaller Quantities 


firekits- kiln dried logs and natural firelighters

If you've already purchased your annual firewood and are looking to buy a smaller quantity of logs to bide you through the weekend, our Firekits may be perfect for you. These fabulous boxes include 16 to 24 kiln dried logs and three of our revolutionary KindleFlamers - everything you need to start at least three perfect fires. These were added to our range in 2020 and have helped so many of our wonderful customers with their firelighting needs since then.

They are delivered via DPD within 2-5 working days and are great for those with less storage or access difficulties. Not only this, they are straightforward to manoeuvre, meaning you can carry and store them with ease.

Here are some things you will need to consider:

  • Delivery: delivery will be received within 2-5 working days from point of purchase. As soon as your order is placed, we pack and label them ready for DPD to collect the day after. You will receive a tracking notification once it has been scanned and delivery will be made the day after collection.
  • Tracking: The customer has the flexibility of delivery when it comes to DPD. As soon as you receive tracking from them, you can move the delivery day, add notes, request to leave in a safe place or even with a neighbour. 
  • Delivery Cost: The delivery is free with Firekits so there are no extra shipping charges when buying these alone.

Fire Accessories

Kindling, Flamers and KindleFlamers- acessories

You've managed to sort the logs, but now you need something to help light them. When lighting your fire, we always recommend the top-down method and for that, you will need kindling & Flamers firelighters or just one KindleFlamer. 

Here are things to consider when purchasing each:

  • Kindling: Boxes of kindling contain enough sticks to light 18 fires when using six to eight each time. They are delivered via DPD and will arrive within 2-5 working days. If buying alone, there is an additional shipping charge but if you purchase kindling with bulk orders over £125 you don't need to pay any shipping.
  • Firelighters: Our Flamers natural firelighters are made from wood wool with natural, renewable, untreated wood shavings which have been dipped in fully refined paraffin wax. You only ever need to use one per fire and you can buy these in quantities of 24, 50 or 200. If buying on their own, there is an additional shipping charge but if you purchase firelighters with bulk orders over £125 no shipping charges will apply.
  • KindleFlamers: KindleFlamers are three times the length of our Flamers and require no kindling when lighting your fire. You can buy boxes of 18 and 50 and have them delivered via DPD so again, you will receive them within 2-5 working days of ordering.

Certainly Wood's pallet delivery: 

Frequently Asked Questions About Firewood Delivery

What is a kerbside delivery?

You will know when your bulk delivery will arrive as you will select the date at checkout. Your order confirmation will confirm the date shortly after purchase too.

Palletline will always try their best to successfully deliver your pallet the first time around. The goods will be manoeuvred with a manual pump truck and this cannot and will not go over any gravel drives, slopes or uneven surfaces.

If you have a gravel drive, a slope or an uneven surface, the chances are that the pallet will be left just on the inside of your property. In some cases, the pallet will have to be left on the pavement, but they will not do this without a signature.

In all cases, the pallet will be left safely and securely. 

How much do I pay for delivery?

On bulk orders over £125, all deliveries will be free to mainland UK. There is an additional shipping charge with delivery of small parcels, that's why we recommend purchasing your kindling and firelighters with your log delivery.

Could I choose when delivery takes place? 

Yes, on bulk orders you will always have the option to select your delivery date. We offer economy delivery Monday to Friday free of charge, with the option of a Saturday delivery at an extra charge. Please contact us if you require a Saturday delivery. 

How much is a Saturday delivery?

Not all depots cover Saturday deliveries, so you will have to call the office on 01981251796 to check with Palletline that this option is available to you. There is an extra charge of £35 per pallet for a Saturday delivery.

How much is an AM/PM service?

An AM service will cost an extra £15 per pallet and a PM surcharge will cost an extra £10 per pallet.

How can I track my delivery?

If you are not buying bulk, your parcel will be delivered via DPD where you will receive both telephone and email tracking notifications. This means you can get an ETA, request to delay the delivery or leave it in a safe place.

With bulk deliveries, you should receive a two-hour timed window slot on the day of delivery, but if not you can call the office on 01981251796 on the morning of delivery and we can chase one for you.

Do you take the pallet away?

Unfortunately we do not offer that service, you will need to dispose of the pallet yourself. 

Can I change my delivery date?

You can indeed. As long as you let us know at least 3 days before the delivery date or before it's despatched, we can get this sorted for you free of charge. However, if you request to change the date when the pallets already left our yard (2 days before delivery) there may be extra costs involved. 

15/02/23- All information subject to change


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