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Flamers Natural Firelighters

  • Made in Britain out of wood wool and then dipped into wax to provide a longer and easier burn
  •  Only one needed to light the fire
  • Made from natural wood wool with natural, renewable, untreated wood shavings
  • Multi purpose: our natural firelighters can be used to start fires in woodburners, barbeques, stoves, campfires, pizza ovens and firepits
  • Great for camping enthusiasts: they are light to carry, natural, and will light even when wet. If feeling adventurous, these multi-purpose firelighters can easily be lit with a flint and steel too

This product has an estimated lead time of 1-3 working days.

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Whether you're an occasional or frequent fire-builder, you know that starting a fire can be a challenge. This is where firelighters come in handy- they make it easier to light your fire and keep it burning all night long.

Key Features:

Natural: Flamers are made from natural wood shavings and refined paraffin wax, ensuring a clean and eco-friendly fire-starting experience.

One per fire: Say goodbye to the frustration of fumbling with newspapers, or messy liquid fire starters. Simply, place two logs at the base of your woodburner, add 6-8 sticks of kindling in a Jenga formation on top, place ONE Flamer natural firelighter in the middle of your Jenga formation and light!

Consistent Performance: Each Flamer natural firelighter is carefully crafted to provide a reliable and consistent burn. You can trust them to ignite your fire quickly, even in adverse weather conditions.

Long burn time: Flamers natural firefighters can burn up to 15 minutes. 

Versatile Use: Whether you're lighting a cosy indoor fireplace, an outdoor BBQ, or a campfire in the wilderness, Flamers are your trusted companion. They are perfect for a range of applications and settings.

No Odour or Residue: Unlike some firelighters that can leave unpleasant odours or residue on your fingers when handled, Flamers natural firelighters burn cleanly, leaving behind no residue or smell.

Sustainable Packaging: Flamers are packaged in recyclable/compostable materials, minimizing their environmental impact. The box is made up of carboard and the clear window from cornstarch. 

Quantities: Available in boxes of 24, 50 and 200.  They have a long shelf life, making them a smart investment for your fire-starting needs.

How to use Flamers natural firelighters:

  1. Place two kiln dried logs at the base of your woodburner
  2. Using 6-8 sticks of kindling, create a Jenga formation on top of the logs
  3. Pop ONE Flamer in the middle of your kindling
  4. Light the Flamer

Flamers are best ordered with your bulk order of firewood as the boxes are then delivered FREE. 


Box Size Price
24 Natural Firelighters £4.99
50 Natural Firelighters £7.99
200 Natural Firelighters £24.99


Box of 24 Natural Firelighters
Estimated Lead Time
 1-3 working days

Box of 50 Natural Firelighters
Estimated Lead Time  1-3 working days


Box of 200 Natural Firelighters
Estimated Lead Time
 1-3 working days


Boxes are added to the top of pallets and delivery is free if ordered with your bulk orders* of firewood, but there will be a small delivery charge if ordered on their own and delivery will then be via DPD. 

*Bulk orders are orders delivered on pallets i.e. all firewood orders excluding boxes of logs which are delivered via DPD. 

Box: Cardboard - widely recyclable

Clear window: PLA (polylacticacid), an environmentally friendly thermoplastic polymer made from corn starch. Fully degradable and certified to the European Standard 13432:2000 (Requirements for packaging recoverable through composting and biodegradation). 

Are natural firelighters effective?

Yes, Flamers Natural Firelighters are effective. They are made from natural wood shavings and dipped in a refined paraffin wax. Their composition allows for easy and reliable ignition of fires. Many users find them convenient and efficient for starting fires in woodburners, barbeques, and campfires. 

What are the most eco friendly firelighters?

Flamers natural firelighters are made with natural wood shavings and fully refined up-cycled paraffin wax, making them a natural and eco-friendly option for starting fires. The wood shavings used in Flamers are sustainably sourced and the manufacturing process ensures that they are produced without the use of any harmful chemicals or additives.

Our refined paraffin wax is a safe and non-toxic material that is commonly used in household items like candles and cosmetics. The wax used with our Flamers is a bi-product of the motor industry, and hence up-cycled. We use a waste product to produce Flamers, making it more environmentally firendly than most alternative plant-based waxes.

Additionally, Flamers do not contain any artificial fragrances, kerosene, or other toxic materials, making them a better option for both you and the environment.

What are natural firelighters made of?

Flamers natural firelighters are made with natural wood shavings and fully refined up-cycled paraffin wax, making them a natural and eco-friendly option for starting fires. 

What are the best firelighters for lighting a stove?

For lighting a stove, it is best to use a natural firefighter. 

Many traditional firelighters can leave a strong, unpleasant smell that lingers in the air. Flamers, on the other hand, use only natural wood shavings and fully refined paraffin wax, resulting in a clean and neutral burn with no lingering scent.

Not only does this make Flamers more pleasant to use, but it also makes them a safer option as there are no harmful chemicals being released into the air.

How long do natural firelighters burn for?

Flamers natural firelighters will burn up to 15 minutes. More importantly, they will burn for long enough to light up the kindling and logs. We recommend using the top-down method of firelighting. 

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