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You may have spotted the Grown In Britain logo on our website - it’s something we’re extremely proud to belong to.

So we wanted to tell you a little more about it and why it’s important to us here at Certainly Wood.


Back in 2011, the Government invited an independent panel chaired by the Bishop of Liverpool to advise on future policy for forestry and woodland in England. The panel took just over a year to come back with their recommendations, which, in essence, urged the Government, woodland owners and related businesses to work together to promote the benefits of British timber - from the time a tree is planted until the point its sold to a consumer in whatever form that might take.

Peter Bonfield, Chief Executive of the Building Research Establishment and Stuart Goodall, Chief Executive of Confor, decided this was a brilliant idea, refined the plan and created ‘Grown in Britain’ as a means to increase the production and supply of British timber. Their idea was presented to the Government who wholeheartedly backed their plans.

Today, Grown in Britain is a not for profit, Limited Company that comprises many of the industry leaders in the field. So what do they get up to?


At the moment, around two-thirds of the wood used in the UK is imported, so creating new, sustainably-managed woodland to increase the supply of British timber destined for use by local people and businesses has been a major focus of Grown in Britain.

Whether it’s to heat our homes using kiln dried logs, for use in the construction industry or for local craftsmen to use to make beautiful furniture, the aim is to promote British wood. The benefits are not just economic, but also support our environment, our wildlife and create beautiful landscapes for people to enjoy.

By bringing everyone involved in the forestry industry together, and ensuring British wood is the best it can possibly be, Grown in Britain hopes to see the figure of £4.1bn the industry currently contributes to the UK GDP annually increasing. What’s more, that will mean the addition of more jobs over-and-above the 64,000 people currently involved in forestry and ensure that the amount of imported wood is significantly lowered.

There are lots of ways to get involved: businesses that grow or use British timber can apply for a license to feature the logo, just like Certainly Wood has done (and make sure you look for the logo whenever buying wood products). If you run a business not directly related to the forestry industry, you can still support Grown in Britain by sponsoring tree planting. Some companies pay for a tree to be planted in a Grown in Britain woodland when they receive a big new order or employ a new member of staff – makes a nice change from drinks at the local pub and one that contributes a longer-term benefit to everyone.


If you’d like to find out more about Grown in Britain, then why not visit their website.