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The Ultimate Pumkin Soup Firepit Recipe

As the leaves turn golden and the air becomes crisp, there's nothing quite like cosying up around a firepit and indulging in a warm bowl of pum...

Farm shops are a great way to shop for non-mainstream products, and we love working with them. We have collated a small selection of farm shops we work with that would very much be worth visiting - if nothing else, to pick up a box of Flamers! 
Go off grid at Penhein Glamping!
With the summer holidays well and truly upon us, why not welcome in the sunshine and explore the great British outdoors the right way at Penhein. In this blog, we discuss one of the campsites we supply, Penhein Glamping. 
How To Make Your Very Own Dutch Oven Bread on the Campfire!

Challenge: Name a better smell than fresh bread straight of the fire? That's right... there isn't one! Bread dates back to around 8000BC [1], s...

Environment Focus: Bee Friendly Plants
On May 20th we celebrate the wonderful bees all across the world but did you know that there’s a reason this particular day was selected? The initiative for this celebration originated from Slovenia, a country which has the most beekeepers per capita in the world. 
Cooking on Wood: Cauliflower & Halloumi Curry
This cauliflower and halloumi curry can be made on the campfire and is the perfect evening meal for all the family.

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