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What Is The Best Wood For My Log Burner?

It's that time of year again; the days are gradually getting shorter, the nights longer, and the mornings filled with frozen dew. Especially on...

How Do Certainly Wood Deliveries Work?

Trying to purchase logs for your woodburner or open fire can be a minefield and there are several considerations which will affect your choice....

Why Is The Top-Down Method The Best Way To Light Your Woodburner?
The top-down method is the technique that all stove manufacturers and industry experts are now recommending. This article will show you why experts are now recommending this method and how to do it yourself.
What is happening with firewood prices in 2023? Is there likely to be a shortage of supply? What factors are influencing the firewood market in the UK? We answer these and other questions in our latest blog about the firewood market in 2023.
8 reasons to stock up with firewood in the summer

Ah, the sizzling heat of summer! As the sun blazes high in the sky and temperatures soar, the last thing on your mind may be the comforting wa...

In this blog, we will discuss why these firelighters are the best on the market. From their eco-friendly and sustainable production to their superior performance, we'll cover all the reasons why Flamers should be your go-to firelighter. 

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