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Top Tips When Cooking On Wood
This handy guide answers the most asked questions about cooking outdoors. It will give you all the answers you may be looking for when you want to start experimenting with wood-fired cooking.
Preserving the Right to Use Wood Burning Stoves in Scotland

In recent months, the Scottish Parliament has witnessed a fervent debate surrounding the Scottish New Build Standard and the proposed Heat in B...

The Ultimate Firelighter: KindleFlamer Natural Firelighters

Are you tired of struggling to light your fires? Say goodbye to the days of wrestling with kindling and smelly firelighters, and say hello to K...

Win the Ultimate Bushcraft Experience worth £283!
The prize includes a Full Day Bushcraft course for 2 at Wild Bushcraft Company and a year's worth of KindleFlamers worth £283! Enter now.
Fire and Mental Health: An Essential Connection

Have you ever stopped to consider the connection between fire and mental health? While it may not be an obvious link, the presence of fire can ...

Why Is The Top-Down Method The Best Way To Light Your Woodburner?
The top-down method is the technique that all stove manufacturers and industry experts are now recommending. This article will show you why experts are now recommending this method and how to do it yourself.

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